Animated volleyball drills
Playname: Hit and recover
Drill forces players to not admire their attacks but to expect that their ball might be blocked and that they should be in position to play it off the block and back to their teammates.

Need a coach (or assistant) on each side of the net with a ball.  

One coach will toss a ball to player 1 in power for an attack geared at player 3(position of this player can be altered for placement).
As soon as player 1 hits the ball, the coach on the other side of the net will drop a ball over the net simulating a block (coach may change area of drop, example drop it line, more to the middle or directly at player 1).
Player 1 must then recover and pass the ball back to player 2 who will catch the ball and proceed to the "set" ball line.  

Player 1 becomes new target for the recover, player 4, moves into power, player 3 shags the attacked ball and proceeds into the "block" ball line, player 9 moves up to shag next attack, player 5 moves into attack line and player 6 moves into the shag attack line.


Teach players quickness from attack position to the recover position.  Set goal for number of successful "hit and recovers."

No one walks through this drill.  Players always run or jog to next station!
Drill submitted by: Lou Maida
Sub category: Defense

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