Animated volleyball drills
Warming up
Playname: Follow the leader
Start positions :
- 6 pylons at the intersections
- 1 leader and the other players

Start :
- The leader walks around following the lines of the volleyball court.
- at the intersections where a pylon id placed he does one of the following exercises :
• block
• short sprint   
• attack
• dive
• side roll L/R
• back roll
and continues along the lines until the next pylon.
The other players follow the moves / exercise of the leader.
Make the movement / exercise relevant to the place on the court.
Stop after 20 movements:

Step out :
And start your stretching routine for shoulders, arms, neck etc...

The leader gives the example and count; the rest of the group follows.
Walk around the outside of the court:

Goal : speed

Start :
- Players start from a corner, the next player starts when the previous player has passed a pylon.
- At every pylon change speed from jogging to sprinting or from sprinting to jogging

- Begin with jogging
Drill submitted by: Dirk Wieme
Sub category: Games

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