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Playname: 3-person cover
This play begins with the pass from a backrow passer (i.e. either p or 3).
The setter will receive the pass and set outside to 1.
This is a play designed to be set to the outside.  The 3 people who will be covering the hitter are 3, S and 2.

2/MH will start and execute their approach to receive a set.
S will execute a set and immediately go to the 10-ft line to cover.
3/passer will move behind OH to cover just behind hitter.
P will move to the center of the court to receive any long blocks.
H will move to cover any shots put back short outside of the coverage area.
S has executed the set to 1.

Both hitters (H and 2) have executed their approach and now retreat to defend the block.
1 executes her approach to deliver a kill. Setter moves into position as does 3. P moves towards the middle back of the court while H moves towards the 10 foot line
At the time of contact all players are in their positions.
Play submitted by: Jeff Wheeler

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