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Playname: Attack the hole
To work on closing the hole between blockers.

• Need a setter and hitters in a hitting line with two blockers on the other side of the net.
• The coach tosses balls to the setter which the setter sets to an outside hitter. The hitter must try to hit between the blockers every time they hit.
• Any balls that are blocked into the other court count as a point. If player get 5 points rotate.
• At first, the middle and outside blocker can start the drill by standing next to one another, so timing is less of an issue.
• After the blockers become comfortable, have the middle blocker come from the middle, like they would in a game. This will make sealing the hole much more difficult.
• This volleyball drill can also be done with 3 blockers, so the middle has to choose which way to go. First, start with high sets to the outside and high sets back, then gradually have the sets be more game like.
Submitted by: Brahma

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