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Playname: Block hitter on box
To work on footwork and timing the block.

• Coach stands on a box with a player on the other side of the net.
• The coach tosses the ball to them self and hits the ball over the net. The player jumps up to block and really concentrates on good blocking form.
• This volleyball drill is good for working on timing, reading the arm swing, and getting used to what it feels like to block balls.
• When performing volleyball blocking drills, the blocker should remember to work on penetrating the net and getting both hands on the ball.
• The coach can hit consecutively down the line. The blocker works on getting a feel of blocking a ball that's hit down the line. Then do the same with hitting angle.
• A middle blocker can be added to the volleyball drill to work on team blocking.
Submitted by: Brahma

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