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Playname: Block movement
Begin situation:
• x rows of 3 blockers (A2, A3, A4)
• coach + P(asser) + X(extra) player  on the other side of the court
• 1 ball
• ball at the passer
3 possibilities for the mid player P
1. Pass through the middle A3 blocks

2. Pass from P to C :
  Double block by A4 + A3
  A4A3 block at the moment C tips  
  A2 falls back

3. Pass from P to X
  Double block by A3 + A2
  A3A2 block at the moment X tips  
  A4 falls back

• C can play the over the net to player A2 who comes from the net to defend at the 3 meter line.
• Backward pass to X: followed by a drop pass to net player A4. The free net player will play the ball high to the middle block who will pass back over the net.
C plays back to P
P passes so A3 can block or plays the ball directly backwards to X

• Blockers have to learn to read the pass, backwards, forward or over the net.
• Watch the hands of the passer
• Coverage at the 3-meter line of the free net player
Submitted by: Dirk Wieme

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