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Outside hitter
Playname: Defense to offense-transition

Teach the outside hitter to play defense first before transitioning to offense.

Groups of three.
Five balls each.

1.  Hitter starts at the net.
2.  Coach slaps the ball to simulate set. Player reads whether or not they need to block or defend.
3.  Coach hits the ball to player.
4.  Player passes to target and transitions to her approach position.
5.  Setter sets a ball high and outside.
6. OH hits shot
7. Player 2 steps in and repeats process.
8. Player 3, then player 1 goes a second time.

1.  Change set to a quick set
2.  Make Player block then hit. (Add back-row player to provide setter with a ball)
3.  Add blocker(s)
4.  Call out a shot for the OH to make (cross-court, down the line, roll, dink, etc.).
Submitted by: Jeff Wheeler
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