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Playname: Individual bounce pass pass
To learn to effectively adjust their passing platform when getting into position to pass.

• This drill begins with a line of players at the end line facing the volleyball net.
• The coach stands near middle front position on the court.
• The first player in line starts the drill by lying on his/her stomach on the ground looking at the coach.
• The coach slaps the ball and the player gets up off the floor by pushing up with their arms.
• As the player is getting up, the coach bounce passes the ball in the direction of the player.
• The player performs a run through technique to successfully get to the ball and pass it to the target.

You can also have the players perform the drill near their base defensive positions. This will make the volleyball drill more game-like.

Players need to be comfortable getting up off the floor quickly to make defensive plays. The drills exploding up off the ground component is good for training volleyball conditioning.
Submitted by: Brahma

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