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Playname: Jousting
Practice for Jousting techniques in conducting block

• Start with a player on each side of the net.

• The coach tosses the ball up so the ball will land on top of the net.

• The players have the option to block or try to push the ball through the block.

• The point is to work on winning the "50/50" ball. Players will find that it's often the second player that pushes that wins the joust.
• Smaller players generally win the jousts because they have to push up high and forward, while the higher players to try to move forward and down. This provides the mechanical advantage of the smaller players.

• Players should develop their own unique volleyball strategies for trying to win a joust. A common technique for jousting is to just hold your ground when you first make contact, wait, and then push through.
Submitted by: Brahma
Sub category: Jousting

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