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Playname: Line-tip-angle-tip
Have players play defense from 4 defensive positions, passing down balls and tips.
Get players warmed up.
Encourage hustle.

Player digs down ball from Coach (to the setter's spot!!) and runs to the area inside the 10' line ready for a tip.
Player passes a tip from the coach. Then runs to deep angle.
Coach can yell stop when he tosses the ball to hit angle (since players should be set and not moving when hitter contacts ball.)

Otherwise, just wait until player is ready to hit.
Player 1 digs the tip and returns to line

Coach can start 2nd player as soon as he hits angle.
Players not in the drill need to shag and one must make sure both coaches have volleyballs.

2nd tip doesn't have to be from a coach.

After a set number of reps, switch sides and repeat the drill.

Make sure your players have good passing form throughout the drill
Submitted by: Scott Arthur Mooney

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