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Warming up
Playname: Make a run
Great for warm up and teaching team to put together several points without error.  Also teaches players to be aggressive since there are only two back row players.

Coach tosses ball over net (this can be modified to increase difficulty) to player 1 or 2.

Back row player passes to 3 who sets to 4 for an attack.  After the attack player 4 chases the ball and returns it the ball bin or stands in line to give it to the coach.  Player 1 moves to player 2 position, player to three, player 3 to four and player 5 comes on in 1 position, player 7 gives ball to coach and stands behind player 6 just off the court.

Start with realistic goal of 5 in a row, then 10 and so on.  Teams love this drill as they always try and break their own record without error.  If they make an error, start back at zero.

Once they get good at it you can put another four players on the opposite side of the net.  Coach initiates play with a toss and goal would be to pass, set, hit (not a kill as the goal would be to hit it at your team mate so they can pass it and keep the rally going).  After the hit the hitter switches sides and becomes the next back row player to come on.
Submitted by: Lou Maida
Sub categories: Passing, Setting

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