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Playname: Middle hitter ball control
Practice transitioning on and off the net quickly, and tip control.

1. Coach gives a free ball to one side to one of the two passers.
2. Passer passes the ball to the setter.
3. Middle hitter starts on the net when the free ball comes.

4. Middle hitter starts approach for quick set.

5. Setter sets quick middle.
6. Middle hitter tips to either wing defender.

7. Middle blocker jumps but does not try to block ball.
8. Defender passes ball up to the net.

• Set a number of contacts (Pass, sets and hits) that the entire group must get in a row.
• Middles must get a set number of tips after a set number of free balls, ex. 10 free balls 50 tips.
Submitted by: Brahma
Sub categories: Ball handling, Middle hitter, Defense

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