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Attack middle
Playname: Middle trans-attack
1. C with ball cart on one side with a line of outside hitters and S. C starts drill with a overhand toss to S, S releases when C bring arms up. S set high outside to 1.
2. Middle 1 and RF2 close forming double block. Emphasis on Middles footwork and reading of Setter. RF also working on footwork, as well as setting the block.
3. Both M1 and RF2 transition to attack position regardless of the balls position.
4 C without ball cart tosses overhand to S, who has released to net. S sets the middle. Players not in the drill shag for the coaches.
5. As soon as M has completed her hit, the process starts again.
6. Do about 6 attacks and switch middles
7. Outsides and right sides rotate after every attack.
Option: Replace C's with a MB's, have one C on the sideline tossing to MB who passes to S.
Submitted by: Jim Zotti
Sub categories: Hitting, Hitting-cover, Defense

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