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Playname: Odbrana iz zone 3
There are 2 blockers in zone 3 and 4, and three players in defense in zone 1,5 and 6.
On the other side are a coach or player, middle hitters, tosser, right side hitters (outside 3m line,  and inside 3m line)  and a libero (or player who plays defense in zone 6).

The coach plays the  ball to the libero who digs the ball to the passer.
Passer will decide in which zone the ball will be passed.

The passer gives the ball in zone 3 and player 3 skill ball in zone 1 or 5. Blocker 3 tries to block the middle hitter.
Depending on the decision of player 3 player 1 or 5 plays defense.

Position of the body is for:
player 1- right foot is little in front of left
player 5 -left foot in front of right
Player must give the ball between zone 2 and 3
Submitted by: Zoran V Simic

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