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Playname: Partner passing series
To learn to effectively adjust their passing platform when getting into position to pass. Players should focus on moving their feet to get into good passing position.

• The first player tosses the ball to the second player who then passes the ball straight up to herself.
• The player then adjusts her feet and passing platform so the ball is in line with the center of her body.
• The player then passes the ball to her partner. This drill can be done in a continuous manner.

This time, the player turns so her right side is facing her partner and then adjusts her feet position and passes the ball angling her passing platform behind the ball. Players can alternate passing from their right and left sides.

Players learn how to adjust their positioning depending on where they want to pass the ball. This drill also trains players to use their legs when passing.
Submitted by: Brahma
Sub categories: Ball handling, Anticipation, Moving

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