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Playname: Passing & running
Practice to moving and play the good passes and increase stamina.

• Four tossers stand on the corner of court with a ball.
• Start the drill with a toss from tosser 1, passer run from the base position shown and passes to tosser 1.
• After the pass the passer sprint to tosser 2, about half way the tosser 2 tosses the next ball.
• After the second pass, passer sprint to tosser 3 who tosses the ball, passer passes ball to tosser 3 and run to tosser 4.
• Tosser 4 tosses the ball, passer passes to tosser 4 and run back to base position.

Continue until passers get twenty balls and change with the other players.
Submitted by: Brahma
Sub categories: Ball handling, Defense

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