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Receive serve
Playname: Team serve-receive
The team is divided up into two separate teams (Team A and Team B)

- Both teams serve at the opposing team simultaneously and continue this process throughout the drill (serving alternates between player 1 and player 2 on both sides).
- Points are scored based on the quality of the pass
      - 3 points for a 3 pass
      - 2 points for a 2 pass
      - no points are scored for a 1 pass
and an additional point (1) is scored if the setter is able to make a perfect set no matter the quality of the pass (3, 2, or 1 pass).

- 3 points are reduced from a team's score for a missed serve.

- First team to score 50 points wins the game.
The purpose of the drill is to encourage tough serving to create bad passes from the opposing team, but to also discourage missed serves.

- Coach can move to a different location for the setter to set to.
- 2 or 4 player serve reception can be used depending on your team's abilities.
- Coach tosses ball to the opposing sides' server after set is made.
Submitted by: Chris Carson

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