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Warming up
Playname: Stomach drill advanced
Great for conditioning and warm up.

First players in all three lines start on their stomachs with hands on the floor in a push up position (ie. S1, 1, and 2) (Note S1 is setter 1).
Coach initiates drill with an overhead bounce pass to player 1 who must push themselves off the ground when the ball contacts the floor, get into position to pass to pass, and then pass to player S1 who must also push themselves off the ground when the ball contacts the floor.
Player S1 then sets power to player 2 who has pushed them self off the ground as well when the ball contacts the floor and has moved into attacking position.  
Player 2 attacks then chases ball and return it to the bin or stands in line with ball.  Player 1 moves into attacking line, player 7 into the passing line, player S1 into the back of the setting line, players S2, 3, and 5 move to their stomachs.
Drill teaches quickness and adjusting to the ball quickly when passing.  Set a goal for team for number of consecutive pass, set, attacks.

Drill can be very tiring for two setters.  Either add a third setter (S3) or have setters start in stand up position if drill goes on too long.
Drill submitted by: Lou Maida

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