Animated volleyball drills
Warming up
Playname: Toast the setter/hitters
The drill requires one setter and a line (3 - 6) hitters.

The hitters line up in single file behind the attack line in the Outside/Power Hitter position.

• First hitter in line feeds a ball to the setter who sets a high outside attack for the hitter to kill.
• After setting the ball, the setter must drop and touch the floor before returning to their base position at the net.
• As soon as the setter has "dropped and touched", the second hitter in line IMMEDIATELY feeds a ball to the setter's base position and he setter must set another high outside attack and "drop, touch and recover".
• The hitters retrieve their ball and return to the back of the hitting line to repeat the drill.

The coach can adjust the drill to include a line of outside hitters and two middle hitters and alternate the sets.
Drill submitted by: George Dickson
Sub categories: Setting, Hitting

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