Volleyball plays and drills
Playname: 2 setters movement
• Train Setters movement and displacement.
• Train Setters precision (ball control in defense + Set).

• We need 2 Setters, 1 Coach and 1 ball.

• The Coach attacks for one of the 2 Setters placed side by side at the end of the court (but they don't know for each one it will be!).
• "That" 1st Setter must defend in front (slightly for his own right side).
• The "other" 2nd Setter immediately must react and run for that zone (trying to arrive there before the ball) and Sets the ball for the Coach.
• After the Set, this 2nd Setter returns back for the initial position changing place with the 1st Setter.
• The Coach performs an auto-Set (for himself) and repeats a new attack.

Initially - We can have 3 Setters (one behind the other two) and they are changing places with each others, so that there is always one of them "out of action".
• High-level - The Coach will not perform any "auto-Set" and attacks the ball sent by the 2nd Setter directly.
Submitted by: João Azeitona Correia

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