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Ball handling
Playname: Four player 2 ball (1)
Four player - two ball - exchange drill
This drill starts out simple, and becomes more complicated as your players pick up skill.

• Players 1 & 3 start the drill with a toss to the partner that is facing them.  Get a 'rhythm' of passing back & forth, trying to keep the balls in sync.
• Next, directly after passing the ball, players 1 & 3 must exchange positions on the court.  This enforces communication and teamwork as well as ball handling.
• This is not demonstrated on the animation, but allow players 2 & 4 to practice this aspect of the drill before moving onto the last step.
• Now both 'sets' of passers will exchange positions on the court.  The key is to pass at the same pace and to talk, talk, TALK!


Submitted by: Terri Szur
Sub categories: Passing, Receiving

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