Volleyball plays and drills
Ball handling
Playname: Short-long-short!
"Short, Long, Short!"
3 balls, 3 feeders, 3 passers
Movement and passing/diving
• Feeder 1 slaps ball to indicate "ready".
• Feeder tosses short-medium ball for Passer 1.
• Passer 1 passes ball back to Feeder 1, moves SIDEWAYS to Feeder 2.
• Feeder 2 throws LONG ball deep into the backcourt.
• Passer returns pass using OVERHEAD technique.
• Passer dashes to Feeder 3, who throws a "tip" or short ball.
• Reset.

Variations: use higher/lower passes depending on the player level. You can also use drives. Add compulsory pushup BEFORE "Long" for added difficulty.
Submitted by: Roger Chang
Sub categories: Passing, Diving, Defense

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